​We use the technology under Software-Defined-WAN to enable their site networking. This gives you the best possible connections that also ensure redundant operation, guaranteeing resilience. The connections are optimized for the use of cloud applications (SaaS, public cloud, private cloud, cloud telephony). Availability is monitored by our monitoring. The integration of a next-generation firewall ensures security. In this environment, the entire area of networking under SD-LAN (switches, access points) can also be expanded.


​​​We not only serve you in the area of data protection, but also offer solutions that enable the protection of the existing infrastructure of your network and data. Overall, a company's data is of the highest priority, so it must be handled with care. At this point, we create concepts that also ensure security on the end devices and protect the company from unpleasant surprises.


​​​The two worlds of IT and TC are merging. We map their previous communication channels via cloud-based IP telephony and significantly expand the scope of services. We use the features of unified communications to make the best use of their PBX and to connect the interfaces to their applications. The integration of telephony under Microsoft Teams also becomes possible and provides previously unavailable options. But also the connection of analogue terminals is still possible. Alternatively, we can continue to advise you on communications solutions from the area of on-premise hosting.


​​​The requirements are becoming more and more complex and extensive. We support you in the planning and implementation of all IT projects. We use our many years of experience, the continuous development of our competencies and permanent training for our customers. We are signposts for a professional implementation that covers all scenarios from cabling to server or cloud technology.


​​​The cloud is becoming an increasingly important part of the IT landscape. Business processes can be optimized with the help of cloud applications. The resulting costs become manageable and easier to plan. We support you in the implementation of these requirements. The cloud not only offers a broad spectrum in the area of office solutions, but is also an ideal addition as a server connection or even storage. An important factor is the use of cloud managed services or virtual firewalls.


​Electronic time recording is an application that in a modern company brings decisive advantages for employees, but also for employers. Staff scheduling and planning of vacation times are significantly simplified. All work processes become more transparent. Payroll accounting is facilitated. If required, we can extend the system to include access control, which brings additional security to your company. Overall, project-related production data acquisition is also possible.


​We offer you solutions to use networked cash register systems. We integrate the cash registers into the network and plan ergonomically suitable cash register workstations. All payment systems, also for contactless payment, are integrated into the system with the help of a basic interface integration. Thus, not only tailored software, but also the optimal hardware is implemented. In case a monitoring of the checkout zones is required, we also install IP-supported video cameras.


​The network, the server landscape and the Internet connection form the basis of the IT infrastructure. To obtain the full benefit of digitization and to round off the offering, we also provide the appropriate software and industry solutions, which we integrate into the overall system as intelligent solutions. We help you to design all processes and workflows in your company effectively and sensibly. This gives you decisive advantages and makes it easier for you to implement all the principles of your corporate philosophy.


​In addition to the management software in the field of healthcare, we also take care of the connection of medical technology to their network. This way you get a functioning and coordinated environment. We ensure that all devices are actually connected to the network, that the interfaces run smoothly and that all relevant data of the examination results are recorded in the practice databases. We also assist you with the installation of the devices and carry out repairs and maintenance in many areas.

​WLAN & Site Survey

​WLAN coverage is playing an increasingly important role in companies. We help you to set up, expand and at the same time optimize the WLAN supply so that the connection of company-relevant components or IoT solutions is always guaranteed. In this way, we also ensure that the necessary security is always in place. In addition to the firewall, we also take the rest of the network into account so that all segments work together optimally.

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